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My Adventures

“… I was 6 years old, it was summer and we had just finished to put all the camping stuff on the car… when, after the departure, suddently my father said: where we go of nice this year?”

It was here that I realized how was important the freedom to adventure travel without plans but only follow your instincts, living fullest the present and make extraordinary every moment.

carpe diem!


Who am I?


My name is Ylenia!

I’ll try to make a brief description of my life in a few lines because I don’t want that you lose too much time to read my story, I prefer to tell it through photos of my travels.

Almost six months I live in Australia, I work and study like so many guys

I have a degree in geography, and I love to travel in any way, with the car, plane, train, ships, camping, hostels.

This my vocation was transmitted by my parents, who taught me how to live a fullest life each day.

I started this blog because I like to tell my travels through my pictures, which express what I feel at the moment of capture.

I don’t have an expensive camera,and I don’t studied photography, I make photos only with my phone nokia. But I think that this is not important …. I believe that’s important make dream those who look the photos, making this little moment of mad passion for the adventure imprinted in the memorie of the people.

Fun Facts

20 City Visited
64458 kilometres traveled
582 Photos published