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About Bali

Bali, an Indonesia island visited by millions of tourists throughout the year, still reserves the ethnic charm enclosed in people’s culture.

Respect, friendliness and kindness of this people is something indescribable. Walking the streets, you are immediately pervaded by the perfume of incense of the millions offers made to the Hindu gods.  Beautiful women, from the thousands bright colors clothes created with the famous Batik technique, with huge straw baskets on their heads full of offers, walked the streets to deal out; you can found these small baskets of woven palm leaves filled with food and flowers; on sidewalks, in front of the threshold of the houses, shops, restaurants, markets, so everywhere!

There are many activities that you can do on here, from hiking in the forests, surfing, cultural visits in beautiful temples where you can find famous cockfighting, dances and typical songs like Kecak Ramayanas fire dancebut you can go also in massive shopping center, going to the cinema, or just relax on the beach.

How much is Bali?

Really cheap! I found many tourists who take the opportunity to do shopping of everything, then what about… enjoy!

Best places to eat

The best restaurant where I ate was “Hitana Restaurant” located across the beach. You can enjoy with seafood and delicious meat.

Where would I want to go back

One spot that I really enjoyed it was Kuta, I fell in love the beautiful sunset, huge beaches, tasting the famous Copy Luwak in one of the gardens where they produce it and beautiful temples that overlooking the warm Indian Ocean.

Tips and curiousity

  • Taxi/private car: If you decide to do day excursions but without paying agencies that make yourselves in a fullest bus of people, you can decide to pay a taxi driver and travel around the island. In this way, you are more independent.
  • Pharmacies: it can be happen that you need the pharmacy, especially when you have bowel problems for something that you ate or drank. I suggest you to carry up with yourselves  something that could be prevent these types of disorders, not always the pharmacies can provide the product and the correct information for taking it.


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