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About Brisbane

I consider Brisbane the perfect city! I live here for about a couple of months, and I must say that I have turned the long and wide with my bicycle and I can’t find one thing that I don’t like.

The bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, parks, everything is wonderful and well cared for. The traffic is not chaotic like in the larger cities, and the weathere generally are stable all year, also in winter.

You can enjoy under the beautiful sun and the breeze that you find most of days, and when it rains it’s only for a few minutes.

I’m not surprised when I see a lot of foreigns who decide to living here.

How much is Brisbane

If I told you that it’s classified between the top 15 most expensive cities in the world? Yes it is! if you want to spend a few days in this amazing city, you must be consider this aspect.

Where would I want to go back

Definitely in “South Bank”, located in CBD.

In this area, is frequented not only from tourists but also from many students and young families. I really love relaxing and reading my book in one of the beautiful sandy beaches of this spot. A huge and free public swimming pool available for everyone. you don’t need to pay anything! 🙂

Tips and curiosity

  • Sports: there are many ways to do sport, and one thing that I really like are the parks provided by numerous gym equipment. Otherwise you can always take advantage of the beautiful  cycling trails that circumnavigate the river. Then, you’ve really spoiled for choice.
  • Public transport: For moving around the city, you can use public transport. Ferry, bus, train, tram … are all great services provided by the city. You will find all the timetable details and ticket if you click here
  • BBQ: all the parks have the BBQ areas, so if you wanna doing a picnic with friends or family, then why don’t take this opportunity!
  • Events: during the weekend you can also enjoy with the many events that are organized in the city.


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