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Itinerary Map


Spot visited in 2 days

  • Cairns
  • Great Barrier Reef

About the trip

My stay in Cairns did not last long, unfortunately, I had to make a choice, and I assure you that when there are so many wonderful things to see and visit becomes increasingly difficult to select the itinerary … so I decided to doing snorkelling in the famous great barrier reef, more precisely michaelmas cay island, where a lot of protected birds species come in this spit of sand to nest and lay eggs.

My best experience

Definitely Great Barrier Reef, I was impressed by the size and colors of all the coral and fish.

Tips and curiosity

  • Season: The winter seems to be one of the best season to visit Cairns, because it’s considered dry season, the weather is not so much muggy and humid like in the summer, temperatures reach an average of 25/27 ° vented.
  • Swimming: So it’s clear that in Australia there are some of the most dangerous animals species in the world, so I suggest you to should do always a little ‘more attention and respect the signs on the boardwalk. There are clear warning of swimming prohibition for the possible presence of crocodiles and jellyfish.
  • Food: Esplanade is the main street and also the most popular touristic road, so there are a lot of restaurant and pub, everyone really good! Personally I stopped to doing breakfast in the cafe 30/60 cairns and it was really delicious!! Anyway if you want safe your money there are a few supermarkets in the CBD. 😉

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