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About Melbourne

Capital of Victoria’s state, and classified the second most populous city in Australia after Sydney. My three cold days in Melbourne city were nothing short of fantastic, although sometimes the weather prevented to see some panoramic views.

I spent my first day exploring the city far and wide, stopping sometimes to eat some deliciouse dish in some of the many restaurants and bars of all culinary types, like Italian, Indian, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese etc … everywhere.

I think that it’s charming see a city fullest of activities, culture and modern architectural build, and at the same time, as soon as you go just a few kilometers away by the city, you will be overwhelmed by the wild nature that is the sovereign in the middle of spectacular views!

Listen the huge and massive ocean waves crashing on these vast beaches full of surfers who challenge, with their passion, the nature’s force, but it’s even more amazing to watch the beautiful cliffs of the Great Ocean Road carved by the wind that rise in the sea; a truly unforgettable experience!

My best experiences

The penguin parade at Phillip Island, was the most exciting experience of this trip!

Hundreds of people sitting in the stands at the beach, like so many spectators waiting that started the theatre show. Suddenly, during the sunset, they came a hundreds, these funny little blue penguins transported by the waves. No photography, no camera or video, just you and the nature …. We watched them for hours that they arrived to groups, with that funny and cute way of walking, inland to take refuge in their little wooden houses on the green hills.

Tips and curiousity

  • f you don’t like walking there are a lot of public transport really good and at the same time very efficient, if you click here you’ll find some information about it.
  • Get a bit of attention with the weather, in this city it change so quickly in any moment of the day. So I suggest you to carry up always a waterproof



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