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About New Zealand

Kia Ora everybody!

I think that New Zealand is one of the few places in the world with such unspoiled nature.

I undertook my trip with the tour agency online called Tourradar. Here you will find all the itinerary travel information, including some of my photos posted on the website of tour operators.

How much is New Zealand?

Enough! You will find the prices very similar like Australia! restaurants, pubs, shopping, so if you don’t want spend too much money you can always buy something at the shop market and maybe divide the sum with friends. In this way you can save money and eating for two days.

Where would I want to go back

One of the best spot that I really like in this trip is the town of Opononi.

A unique place, from the beach, to the hotel where I spend one night – Copthorne Hotel and Resort Hokianga, you can overlooking the sand dunes of Hokianga Harbour, here I had a great time with sandboarding.

Another unique moment was the experience with the local guide Hokianga, with which we did a night tour in the sacred Waipoua forest, telling stories and traditional songs.

My best experience

Definitely the “island Bay tour” that includes the excursion of the 14 islands. We embarked in the morning to the port of Paihia, and we stops in Otehei bay. I was charmed of this island; the colors are so intense and predominant of exceptional landscape, hills with lush green lawns and a beach with clear water.

However, definitely the best experience was the sighting of Orca’s family that they swimming a few meters away from the boat!

Tips and curiousity

 – Sandboard: if you decide to do sandboarding, I recommend you to bring a shirt to protect themselves from the freezed water and from the sand.

– Weather: from about December to April, the westerlies tend to move south giving stable weather but always prepare the waterproof, because the weather change so quickly. Anyway, NZ is a very different country that are worth seeing!

– Passport: if you want to go with your friends in pubs to drink something, carry up your passport, without this one, you can’t drink nothing! (Like Australia).


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