Stradbroke Island

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Spot visited in 2 days

  • North of the Island

About Stradbroke Island

Spend a couple of days in this island it’s really worth! Me and my friend Kath we decided to spend our weekend to do camping just across from the beach. We pack our bikes with the minimum to sleep and we started the exploration in the north of the island until Point Lookout.

Here we found many bar, restaurants, a lovely beach where we hiked for hours, and a wooden pedestrian path that skirted the cliff, where you could admire a truly wonderful view and if you are lucky sometimes you can spot whales far away!

There are many activities that can be done to spend the time, so we decided to take our morning to having fun with sandboarding 🙂

Tips and curiosity:

  • Weather: if you decide to visit the island in May, it may be that during the evening the temperatures are lowered a lot so I recommend bringing warm clothes.
  • Food: the fish is really good and fresh, so why don’t take advantage 🙂
  • Transport: There are a good bus network throughout the island, it easy and bring yourself everywhere.
  • Activities: I suggest to click here  you can see different activities that you can do on the island
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