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About Sydney

The city of sails, that’s how’s called it, for the constant wind that you can find almost every day, and for those that they had been here, can be confirmed it! I found this city, colonized for many Italians people, charming, and for the first time after months that I live in Australia, I’ve tasting the real Mediterranean food that missing me so much.

Sydney is also a city very keen to healthness and sport activity, and you can be seen it in the famous Royal Botanic Garden, near the Opera House; you are surrounded about a lot of people who play sports, especially running.

Moreover, almost every weekend are organized a series of amazing eventsa great way to keep alive the tourism about the curiosity of the people!

How much is Sydney?

Like all big cities, most of the time the prices are not really cheap, so definitely you have to do a little more attention.

Where would I want to go back

I really enjoyed the street market on Sunday that you can found on the streets of CBD. The colors of the artisianal products and the smell of sweets like chocolate they kidnap your attention. I would have stayed hours watching that whole row of stalls, but my wallet wouldn’t appreciated it. 🙂

My best experience

My best experience was “the Bohème” in Opera House. That was a unique moment! Go to see this wonderful Italian’s opera in one of the most famous theaters on the world was exciting!

Tips and curiousity

Sports: if you like to explorer with the bicycle, then the city is full of them, and offers many rental services in completly safety from the cycle trails that you can found everywhere.


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