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  • MUI NE
  • HOI AN
  • MY SON

About Vietnam

I’ll came back recently from Vietnam, a country where the time has stopped and the technology don’t predominate on people’s quotidian life.

It was a great opportunity to valorize on fullest of my holiday, focusing on what the cultures and traditions of this people were, so poor in material goods as rich in generosity and friendliness.

If you decide to do your holiday here, don’t expect a massive shopping center, latest generation of cars and shops brand’s fashion clothes.

When you’re walking down the streets you can find everything, from old women who sell food in huge straw basket, a mass of scooters that hurtle in any directions, people who wash the dishes on the sidewalks and even men welding scrap metal in the middle of the road with thongs on the feet.

I was struck by this aspect, in seven days I traveled from the south to the north of the country, moving from big cities like as Ho chi minh and Hanoi, to the smallest like Hoi an and Muine, but nevertheless, I always found the same style of life.  Walking on the streets you are immediately surrounded by the chaotic and quotidian traffic life, smells of street food, and the million car horns that provide the context.

Making slalom when crossing becomes a ritual of every day. Eight traffic lights of ten doesn’t work and there aren’t road rules but the unique followed rules is the survival instinct.

But as soon as leave by the chaotic city, you immediately enjoy the front of the awesome landscape where the nature is king.

How much is Vietnam?

As you probably have guessed, Vietnam is a place of history and agriculture that are dominant, so the life is really cheap! From restaurant, clothes, public and private transport, and hotels.

The only expensive things are flight tickets, but for the other stuff you can depart with like empty luggage and then enjoy things like shopping, that make yourself happy and because your money is their bread.

Best places to eat

Vietnamese food is mainly reminding fried unseasoned rice, strange mess or salad bugs. Well, I tried everything (yes, also the bugs salad!)

Besides that, the Vietnamese kitchen is also more then what you expect, so you can enjoy a lot of tropical fruits like dragon fruit, pineapple, coconuts, Rambutan, Guava, passion fruit and Durian (a big thorns fruit), these are just some of the many choices.

Anyway, the best restaurant where I ate is “Madam yen restaurant” in Hanoi, I found it perfect, the staff extremely kind and they spoke a perfect English. I liked the amazing food compositions and the context clean and well groomed.

Where would I want to go back

I definitely would go back in Hoi An.

I spent two wonderful days there, with  cultural tours in My Son, you can enjoy in front of great archaeological area of ancient temples, religions shrines where I admired the Champa dance show, and the hotel where I stayed in Blue an Bang Villa just a bit outside the center of the city. I really like this place, the large room, clean stuff, the great hospitality and friendliness of the owner. There is a wide beach where you can enjoy like long walks and relax with a nice seafood dinner in one of the many restaurants on the beach. You can also tour in the old town of Hoi an (and here I was amused with shopping). Finally you can enjoyed the snorkeling in a protected marine area of Cham island, where there are a lot and a lot of corals!

My best experiences

The best and the most enjoyable experience was the quad excursion on the white desert dunes in Muine. We whized to a high speed on the huge dunes! It was a unique experience!

Tips and curiousity

Some bits remarked to keep in mind if you decide to spend your holiday in Vietnam:

Money: I advise to withdraw a good sum when you arrive at the airport, credit cards are not welcomed, especially by taxi drivers. In this country, 99% of the times you pay with cash.

– Water: If you want avoid to spending your holidays in the bathroom, well drink the bottle of water, that you can find anywhere.

– Private Taxi / Car: The best transport is by taxi or private car that all hotels where I was stay provided this service. But most of the people don’t speak English, so be prepared the destination address on the phone with the GPS always on and then google translator with Vietnamese language.

– Shopping: like written in a previous paragraph, life here is very cheap, so why don’t take advantage with shopping! There are really unique handmade products, from hand-painted lanterns, tailoring, leather, many types of tea, the carved woodwork, so enjoy with this.

– Sim card/phone: When I landed in Ho chi minh the first stuff that I did in airport it was the sim card for my phone. If you invest 5 AUD you can do internet all the the time, because most of the time the wifi is not really fast and available.


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