Uluru’s Rock

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Itinerary Map


Spot visited in 3 days

  • Alice Springs
  • Kings Canyon
  • Kata Tjuta
  • Uluru

About the trip

About a couple days ago I came back from one of my trips….and I think is one of the best trip that I’ve doing until now! I’d booking through tour operator: the rock tour.

The first stop of the trip was baptized with the visit in the Camel farm near Alice Springs, when its possible to do a little tour on the back of this funny and cute animals to the cold light of dawn gives a sweet moment of lightheartedness.

After this short stop, we continue towards the ancient sandstone called King Canyon, located between Alice Springs and Uluru.

Kings Canyon is part of the Watarrka National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia and is considered one of the Red Centre icons.

We walked for about 4 hours between massive red rock walls that arise in the desert forming a huge circle where you can enjoy a spectacular view!

Imagine how you might feel walking on the moon, and suddenly, open your eyes and stand in front of a similar landscape … the effect is amazing! One of the favorite spots to make a short stop is the Garden of Eden, a small lake that lies at the heart of this arid formation of rocks eroded by wind and water, surrounded by a fresh vegetation that is home of innumerable species of birds.

If the first day was intense emotions on the second day it was indescribable!

We wake up early after having camped the icy night in the  desert without electricity, tent and bathrooms, we went to Kata Tjuta national park where arise huge sandstone domes which are believed to date back to 500 million years ago.

Known also as Mount Olga, it is located about 30 km away from the famous Uluru’s Rock.

Kata Tju t a, a sacred place for the Anangu people, who have inhabited the area for more than 22,000 years. Although the weather was not the best, however has not spoiled this other wonderful hike of three hours between the gorges of this mountain.

Stopping on the top of this sacred place with the cold wind blowing the hair and absorb with the eyes the gorgeous panorama truly breathtaking.

Tired and hungry we had dinner right in front of the best show ever that nature could give away, the sunset in front of the sacred mountain Uluru; and here every track of clouds that covered the sky for most of the day was gone.

Only million color faceting prevailed in front of us, and here I came to mind the  famous citation that Pablo Picasso said:

“when I don’t longer have the blue I put the red”

An explosion of colors in a perfect painting, which enclose all the emotions in a single magical moment.

My best experience

It’s hard to say what was the best experience of this trip so intense and full of emotions.

The sunset and sunrise in front of Uluru have been among the most exciting moments best ever, but spend the cold night and his 3 degrees in a warm sleeping bag in the middle of the desert, lying down by the fire that slowly was absorbed from the air, and watch for hours the sparkling sky as I have never seen so far in my life, I’ve imprinted this image in the heart.

Tips and curiosity

    • Season: If you decide to go in the winter, during the dry season, is considered one of the best to visit the Red Centre. But you need to cover themselves with warm clothing, especially in the night where temperatures drop down to 3 ° or sometime 0 ° as well.
    • Shoes: have your hiking shoes I think is the best solution but even if you decide to go with normal tennis shoes there are no problems just do a bit of attention.
    • Water: when hiking in the national parks, there are no water sources, so bring on always at least 3 liters of water each and snacks.

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