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I would like to dedicate the first “adventure tourism” article to the Santiago’s walking, which I consider one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences of my life!

It’s one of the oldest pilgrimage in the world. A route along 900km to the Fisterre town (final stage of the trip) practiced since the Middle Ages where many pilgrims passed through France and Spain to reach the shrine of Santiago, where there is apostle James’s tomb.

There are different route to reach the Santiago’s town, but the one represented on the map is the most important (and is the one that I had done alone in 2009).

Today the road is not only considered a devotional practice, there are many reasons that push the people to do this travel , and everyone has their own personal reason. A trip in search of themselves, to be able to think away from the quotidianity of everyday, where you test yourself physically and mentally.

Over the time are changed the pilgrimage form, from trekking to cycling, from horse to car. No matter how much you walking, most of the time depends on the available time that you have.

Great services, signs, symbols, indications, restaurants and facilities to spend the night can be found everywhere along the way.

There aren’t a age to walk the road, I had met people with more than 70 years, or single mothers with their children as young as 5 or 6 years old. The Way is for EVERYBODY!

If you are interested you can find all the information clicking here http://www.caminoadventures.com/

I leave you with another video that I prepared especially for this article, and I don’t deny that when I had watching my pictures of my experience I was feeling a sense of longing for those magnificent places and wonderful people that I’ve met!

What else can I say….. Ultreya suseya e Buen Camino!

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