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torri superiore

The sustainable tourism concept, it can be found almost everywhere online, with conceptual frameworks, technical definitions etc. .. I don’t want to be repetitive, so I’ll try to express myself in two key words that I consider essential for sustainable travel:


The first enunciation of this word, was born in 1987 in “Our Common Future document”, where highlights an important ethical principle the responsibility of Maintaining the resources and the environmental balance of our planet.

An example of sustainable tourism is the Italian Widespread Hotel called “Torri Superiore”.

It’s a small very old eco-village built in a medieval town of the thirteenth AD just 20 minutes away from Montecarlo. It has been completely rebuilt about a wonderful family community, which they have decided to leave their old habit life to engage in this new sustainable project in the 90’s.

In the renovation project they have been used a modern bio-architecture technologies with renewable energy sources, and they obtaining from these buildings some rooms for tourists

I find interesting that one of the main goals of this community is to maximize self-sufficiency with daily activities (work, leisure, education, food).

A peaceful place where you can breathe air of harmony, with a perfect balance between community and environment.

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